Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clone Wars, Season Two Premiere Oct. 2nd

Had a blast writing the second season opener - check it out on Cartoon Network October 2nd at 8pm!

And to get you in the Star Wars mood, here's a super-nerdy podcast where author extraordinaire John Booth and I discuss his book, "Collect all 21: Memoirs of A Star Wars Geek." Sincerely a must read, if like me, you've ever driven to 24 hour Walmart in the middle of the night to snag that damn exclusive...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dragon Con Megas Panel

For those of you headed out to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, I'll be speaking at the first-ever Megas panel since we got the axe. Bringing along a few never-before-seen clips for the hard-cores, and all Megas cosplayers get a surprise gift I have yet to think up...

Where: The Baker Room, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

When: Sunday September 6th, 5:30pm