Saturday, October 6, 2007

MTV Downtown DVDs!

Downtown and Megas XLR fans rejoice!

Loved by critics. Adored by fans. Canceled by MTV…

The award-winning creative team of Chris Prynoski and George Krstic bring you the definitive collection of their first, and most overlooked animated series - Downtown!

Available for the first (and only) time, you can get your own signed, limited-edition, region-free 3 disc promotional set of all 13 episodes. Ass-loads of extras include documentaries, art and background galleries as well as never-before-seen Megas XLR Easter-Eggs!

Just click on the paypal/credit card button on the right column of this blog. You’ll be charged $30 to cover shipping, handling, DVD media and box. The actual episodes themselves are free as this is a promotional item only and not for resale. Rock on!