Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Megas Toys That Never Were...

And speaking of toys, here' s a still from the fake Megas XLR action figure commercial (available on the Downtown DVD) we made for a Cartoon Network staff meeting. A friend crafted the figs and Jody made the Megas and Glorft mech. The Megas was based on a Gundam.

Coop had "Rock On" action, and Kiva was supposedly anatomically-correct. Not sure what Jamie did - if anything. Megas had lights and sounds, but I think it was all Gundam-type stuff. Each of the figures was given to the respective voice actors, and the Megas went to our exec at CN.

A number of crew made cameos - writers, artists and even our supervising producer, Chris P, who's creepy performance so disturbed the execs, we had to cut most of it out.