Thursday, September 18, 2008

Megas DVDs! Sort of...

Although not the two season Blu-Ray box-set everyone's been clamoring for, here's the next best thing until then - a cool limited-edition, 96 page Cartoon Network comic featuring Megas, along with a DVD of the very first episode.

Click on the paypal/credit card button on the right column of this blog to order a signed set of these impossible-to-find Megas promotional items for only $30 - shipping & handling is free!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Gonin - The Five Killers

Created by my pal Eric Calderon of Afro Samurai fame and developed along with another friend, Mark Waid (Kingdom Come), I am very excited about this property. The guys behind the upcoming Dark Knight and Spirit features have expressed some serious interest, so hopefully we might be rocking on the script(s) soon.

Check out the trailer here>>

Monday, February 18, 2008

Megasippers at Jollibee

Fast food chain Jollibee reveals its 2008 Megas XLR exclusive tie-ins - 3D "Megasipper" motion-cups.

Three different cups featuring the iconic robots of Megas will be available: Gorrath's Mech, Kiva's Drone, and of course, Megas. Look for them to hit this month.

For more info and images, check out the Jollibee site >>

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Megas Toys That Never Were...

And speaking of toys, here' s a still from the fake Megas XLR action figure commercial (available on the Downtown DVD) we made for a Cartoon Network staff meeting. A friend crafted the figs and Jody made the Megas and Glorft mech. The Megas was based on a Gundam.

Coop had "Rock On" action, and Kiva was supposedly anatomically-correct. Not sure what Jamie did - if anything. Megas had lights and sounds, but I think it was all Gundam-type stuff. Each of the figures was given to the respective voice actors, and the Megas went to our exec at CN.

A number of crew made cameos - writers, artists and even our supervising producer, Chris P, who's creepy performance so disturbed the execs, we had to cut most of it out.