Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten...

IGN's latest Lost in Translation blog post gives Megas a shout-out, "Even though it came out in 2004, the series also makes numerous pop-culture references that have stood the test of time (well, as much a test as 6 years is…) well."

Damn, it's been that long since we were shut down?

Well, keep checking back in for more badassery and news on upcoming projects for 2011, including Motorcity - a sci-fi action series that'll be re-uniting the team behind Megas, Orion - a live-action show for SyFy, and a as-yet-unnamed 100 page graphic novel project so chock full of giant robots, it is destined to blow minds.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Mario_Man said...

you're working on a graphic novel? nice! can;t wait to hear more about that.

Mikey said...

Can't wait to see more on Motorcity. Is there anything you can tell us about that one? :D

Merry Christmas, by the way! Hope you had a good one.

George K. said...

Hey Mario - on the graphic novel, we should be making an announcement @ Wonder-con or Comic-con.

Mikey - other than the official press release that Disney sent out (linked in a previous post), can't say anything other than it's going to be a LOT of fun.

Merry belated Christmas everyone!

de_emilio said...

Good luck with your future projects from Curitiba Brazil :DD

grim said...

Hey George,

The Graphic Novel sounds cool!Hope to see it soon and by my copy and also can't wait to see Motorcity.

Speaking of Motorcity, by any chance we might hear David DeLuise or other from Megas voicing one of the characters?

Also i think you have notice the recent comebacks of old shows like Darkwing Duck, Ghostbusters, Gargoyles and Inspector Gadget in Comic Book form, right? So if we can't get another season of Megas on TV, there's a possibility we see Megas in the Comics? Now that will be awesome to buy.

George K. said...

Thanks De Emilio!

Hey Grim - thanks for the kind comments! Motorcity is still in the early stages, sos I can't say anything...yet.

On the Megas comic tip - we did a few issues in 2005/2006, but as for another "season" in comic form, although a great idea, I don't know that Cartoon Network is interested in doing anything with Megas at this time.

grim said...

Hi George,

Damn, makes me want to see the show more and more lol....i just can't wait!

I know about the Action Pack comics, the stories on Megas where cool but sadly the art didn't gave the stories justice.

I don't think there will be a problem if CN is interested or not if a comic book publisher is behind the work, sadly Megas can't go to a different publisher since i believe CN and DC comics have some kind of agreement, i would've said that Megas had a chance in Wildstorm but looks like DC will end it, still there's a chance that DC might do a decent comic book.

I think i speak from all the fans George that if Megas XLR gets a comic book release we assure you that we will buy them until it sells out :).

JoyceDez0 said...

I love megas XLR!!
I love that show!! I love Kiva and Coop!!
If only you guys can do some reboot of the show with CN involved or somethin!! I was an amazing show!!

I would mind if somedoes an amazing Graphic novel base on the series!!
I would totally buy it!
Good luck on all your projects!!

George K. said...

Hey Joyce - thanks for the kind comments! Although I'd love to do something with Megas, I don't think CN is in the same head-space, at least not right now...

CyberianSun said...

You know with the current program that CN is pushing out it seems like their on their way to returning to the old shows, dexter, ed, edd, and eddy, I could defiantly see Megas kicking ass right now! But I mean come on giant robots, heavy metal, and explosions never go out of style

Pagatcha said...

Greetings from Russia! ;)

I just wanted to say that i love Megas, as CyberianSun said, giant robots rock and explosions, always will be awesome :) really, looking forward on a graphic Novel.

Btw CN in our country was airing Megas till 2009 or 2010 if i am not mistaken ;)

George K. said...

"Giant robots, heavy metal, and explosions never go out of style."

Well said, Cyberian, well said...

And glad to hear we were able to rock Russia!