Friday, March 30, 2012

First Motorcity Trailer

The first transport is AWAY! Disney has released the first official Motorcity trailer online. Showcasing the premier episode, written by yours truly, it should give you a good taste of the mayhem to come. Enjoy!


Grim said...
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Grim said...

Hey George, I have seen the first episode of Motorcity thanx to a friend who has iTunes i was expecting something cool but WOW that was insanely cool episode!!! All expectations got even higher you really like all the characters not just one tho i think Texas is funny and cool which reminds me of Coop.

Not to compare or being mean but you guys seriously blown away Ultimate Spider-Man with just 1 episode and what's really cool is how you keep the comedy and action mix well together......where i WISH Man of Action learn from you guys when they where doing Ultimate Spider-Man.

Anyway really awesome episode, congrats George, Chris and the rest of the guys from Titmouse on coming with a really cool car show that's worth watching.

btw i already created a group for the show and starting to spread the word to watch Motorcity:

George K. said...

Hey Grim - thanks for the kind words! The Titmouse teams worked their butts off, and I think it shows. And thanks for creating the group - already off to a good start!

Grim said...

btw George, how many episodes did Disney order for Motorcity? Hopefully alot.

I'm curious on the villains, even tho he only appeared at the intro(which kick ass btw) The Duke looks cool(obvious reference of Escape from New York, right? Even Megas had a reference of it lol) I bet we will see some more awesome villains, i would be cool to see a villain who used to be a Burner but now works for Kane now.

Still spreading the word so everyone can watch Motorcity......i'm still stupefied from the first episode XD.

Grim said...

Sorry for being late George on my comment on episode 2 Power Trip......really kick ass! I like the writing you did on this episode George and wow the designs of the Hounds and the way Mutt was burning all that power that just awesome.

btw any word on Action Figures for the show? Believe i will buy them all, i will buy Mutt first in moments or at least the bobblehead dog? That one really looks cool lol.

Lucas Pearce said...

I absolutely LOVED this one! Please continue I cant wait for more

Jonathan Watterson said...

First Downtown, then Megas. Now Motorcity.

You guys have THE worst luck. It was a great show, and will be missed.