Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot & Heavy Q & A

Part two of Screw Attack's Megas Q&A - yeah I know it sounds sexy, but it's actually not.



grim said...

That was some kickass Q & A George, always enjoy watching interviews either you, Jody or the rest of the guys from Titmouse.

Its really cool how you feel about us, the fans and we still dig Megas, Downtown and even Clone Wars(really starting to like the show alot)

Even if it was a joke i will totally go to that Megas-Con :D

lol so funny how Chris Prynoski he passed thru guards so he can talk to Bruce Campbell and cool that the king was kind enough to hear him out.

Magnanimous had an important role on the Megas feature? OH MAN!!!! that would've been awesome, i do think the Glorft had also an important role too right?

I like that he mention Tim Schafer since Brutal Legend reminds me alot of Megas, if they make a sequel to the game they should make a freaking giant robot like Megas, i mean Megas would totally kick ass in the heavy metal world.

Sorry for the long comment George but wow that interview was just cool.

Morgan said...

Great read! Shame about the feature and video game. Megas VS The Universe (or w/e the online game was) kept me occupied for far too many hours and I'm sure Grand Theft Megas would keep me locked in my room for days.

Mario_Man said...

"new shows are coming, and they are going to kick ass!"

allow me to quote Jamie: nice!

Sikboy1029 said...

Good Q & A. You wouldn't happen to have any old Megas promo swag laying around that you could perhaps give away in some sort of contest would you? Staring at my lone Megas statue depresses me.

Mikey said...

@Everyone: Glad you enjoyed the Q&A, thanks for doing it for us, George. :D

@Sikboy: Psh, at least you HAVE a statue. I can't get any Megas merch. I'd kill for a Megas in scale with my Revoltech Gurren Lagann. :(

Mario_Man said...

the only Megas merchandise i have is a t-shirt. cartoon network used to have Megas XLR t-shirts on their website. i actually have two, because the first one i bought was ripped by my friend's dog, so i got another one.

George K. said...

Thanks for all the feedback - glad everyone dug the Q&A!

And I actually have some very limited-edition Megas gear left over so I will think up a contest for you guys, maybe a fan Q&A as well so I can ask YOU some questions?

Keep on Rockin...

Urban Fox said...

The idea of you working with Tim Schafer Blows my mind almost as much as the you and Jhonen Vasquez hung out. In my head its like being kid when the first Justice League or Avengers came out. Kind of Axis of Awesome!
After Recently Playing through Psychonauts and the Lungfish Mindscape level in particular I can say a Schafer made Megas XLR Game would get my money faster than the Tales of Money Island Game (2 minutes between hearing it existed and laying money down for the pre-order).
BTW just got round to watching the Clone Wars EPs you wrote. Love how awesome you made Cad Bane!

Sarge said...

Loved both parts of the interview! Learning that the creator of one of the best nerd shows ever is himself a huge nerd (and that's a compliment in every way) while not surprising was especially awesome. Overall a great look at the work that went into Megas.

Plus, working with Bruce Campbell is every nerd's wet dream, as I'm sure you very well know.